Authority of the Broken Mind

by Nick Fields

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An Album that is formed from the experimental projects, and the deliberately spacey and ambient. My Idea is that Processed and detuned sounds and voices were perfect for describing a broken mind. At times things seem to become coherent enough to be a melody , or a guideline, yet so distorted that it seems as though the perception is being skewed somehow.
Each track (with the exception of the title track, of course) signifies a part of the brain.
Cerebellum is the the part that controls movement of the body. Though seeming relatively simple, it is a heavily taxed part of the brain.

The Corpus Callosum which is, in my opinion, one of the most important part of the brain, because it allowed communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. I imagined that much of the brain, if it were to be perceived as a neuron or a synapse, would be like a great black void, with the random burst of electrical shock, light, and sound.

Limbic is the distraught emotional side of the brain that shows how dark and yet calm the broken mind is.

Frontal Lobe is where I felt that the skewed perspective of reality is portrayed. The frontal lobe truly controls most of what makes humans, human. Language, planning, personality, and judgement.

Hemispheres is the all-encompassing finale, that shows the broken mind as a whole, being quite sad and blank, but also content with the way it is.

Authority of the Broken Mind is the portrayal of the thing that controls the broken mind. I tried to make it seem very prominent and mildly coherent. It isn't terribly menacing, but it isn't reasonable or logical, which is different than menace but unsettling all the same.


released August 3, 2012



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Nick Fields Ohio

I am 18 years old, I've been making Electronic music for about 4 or 5 years. I've been playing the piano for 11 years, and I love exploring all different kinds of Electronic and other kinds of music.

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